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Hidden Gems: Rory Gilmore’s Chilton shoes

Hidden Gems: Rory Gilmore’s Chilton shoes

Rory Gilmore grew up before or eyes. In fact, we grew up alongside her, dreaming of what life in Stars Hollow would be like, and hoping we could have been the fifth guest at the traditional Friday night dinner with Richard and Emily.

There are many endearing fashion moments throughout the initial seven season of Gilmore Girls as well as on the Netflix revival, but there is one fashion staple that caught our heart since the very first season of the show.

The black and white saddle Oxford shoes

We saw them since the first day Rory put on her Chilton uniforme. They are black and white and a classic, yet a fun and quirky detail that perfectly reflects Rory Gilmore’s personality.

The Oxford shoes that Rory would wear should have a black saddle, a white/brown sole and white laces. And…lucky you! This model is easily found thanks to the graces of the internet.

With shoes like this, finding a cozy corner, opening a book and sipping on a steamy cup of tea, feels like a warm hug to the heart straight out of a Stars Hollow scene…we can almost smell Sookie’s cooking.

At least now we can know what it feels like to walk in Rory Gilmore’s shoes!

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