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That ‘Flashdance moment’

That ‘Flashdance moment’

We admit it, there is more than one moment in Flashdance that made a splash. But the one we are interested in involves a gray sweatshirt worn with a pair of killer red pumps.

There are few fashion moments that feel as relatable as when actress Jennifer Beals wears an oversized slightly torn gray sweatshirt with red heels, while sitting on a pile of cushions.

There really is no better dichotomy: on one hand a worn down piece with personality and a hint of shoulder, and decadent shoes, fiery red (with a tinge of orange perhaps?) on another, and a minimal, sparkly bracelet to close the deal.

Since this staple outfit danced in front of our eyes, it became a key 80s fashion moment, but if you would like to bring the excitement of Flashdance to your daily life, this is where you can find the outfit.

The sweatshirt

There are a hundred version of this sweatshirt and certainly a hundred thousand versions of “Flashdance costumes” but if you are looking for a piece that will translate to your daily life without screaming 80s, you can fin it here and if you want the version of the sweatshirt that goes over the shoulder, lucky you, it is also available.

The shoes

Ok, there are plenty of options for a red heel. There just are. And we will not attempt to go through every single available option. Instead, we will offer the ‘Wow Pump’ model from Bella Vita, that you can find on Macy’s website. This model offers similarities in size, style, material and color, although it is not an identical match.

Another option, are the INC Women’s Zitah Pointed Toe Pumps, Created for Macy’s although in this case, you might have to compromise on the shade of red and the material. But if you are less of a purist, this fiery leather pump from Francesco Russo might be your kick.

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The bracelet

The final detail is always the best detail. And in Flashdance’s iconic fashion moment, while the sweatshirt brings the style and the pumps bring the wow, the bracelet brings the classic touch.

This bracelet looks quite generic, and we have stumbled over a few similar options, but if you want to really bring a lux touch to your outfit, you can opt for a simple Swarovski with rhodium plating. Or if – like us – you are on a budget, you can always go for a more subtle but still dazzling bracelet for 19 USD.

You are ready to go for a spin now. Ok, we know…we have not talked about the pants, but to be fair, in this case they are quite unimportant, so go for what makes you feel sexier and ready to dance, pants or no pants!

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