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That green dress from ‘Atonement’

That green dress from ‘Atonement’

There are few costume pieces in the history of film that have made a mark as lasting, and as dazzling, as the green dress from the movie Atonement (2007).

The film was directed by Joe Wright, who also brought us Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Anna Karenina (2012). Certainly you must be wondering what all these films have in common, besides their director. And if you were thinking Keira Knightley, you would be right!

The way the green dress fits Knightley perfectly is one of the reasons it has become iconic. But the bright shade of green, the jewelry, and the 30s silhouette but modern cut, have also made this a memorable cinema dress.

It was designed by Jacqueline Durran, who collaborated with Joe Wright as costume designer in the aforementioned movies, but also (drumroll!) was in charge of costume design for the 2019 revival of Little Women. So, Jacqueline Durran is a magical goddess.

In 2017, Durran shared with Entertainment Weekly that there are no duplicates of this dress available any more, although some have sold for insane amounts of money. So here are our suggestions for an Atonement– inspired dress:

Simple and chic

If we have learned anything from this movie is that a simple, long, green, strappy dress that can be worn at night during the summer has to be a must in your wardrobe. Why? Because, that’s why. And this strappy wrap gown in emerald green by Michelle Mason has all the basics. Oh, and it is also bareback!

A dress with a twist

The scenes in Atonement when Cecilia (Knightley) wears the green dress, turn out to be the post pivotal to the movie’s plot twist we learn about later in the film. So, if we are taking inspiration from this movie, it is only fitting to consider a dress with a literal twist.

Also from Michelle Mason, this dress has a lighter tone of green, but a nudge to the waist wrapping quality of the original piece, although it does not have a bare back.

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The (almost) everyday dress

We wish we could step out every day wearing a silky green dress, but unfortunately the world is not ready for that yet. So, in the meantime, we suggest an option with hints of that stunning Atonement moment, but that can take you from the office, to a party and to a day-time event.

Thank you, Victoria Beckham, for this adorable piece! The detail at the hip, the drape, and of course, the color, are all reminiscent of Atonement‘s green dress, while also providing a modern, simple and chic aesthetic. We LOVE!

We are green with envy just thinking about your new shopping! Enjoy!

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