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The best outfit from ‘The Breakfast Club’

The best outfit from ‘The Breakfast Club’

In film, as in fashion, the 80s left a mark. And in the crossroads of film and fashion, there is no other movie from that decade that matters more than The Breakfast Club.

The movie was directed by John Hughes, who also has Sixteen Candles (1984), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), Pretty in Pink (1986) and the Home Alone franchise, among many others, under his belt. The costume design was in charge of Marilyn Vance, who is a Hollywood heavyweight, having also worked to design costume for Pretty Woman (1990), and other 80’s classic films.

The Breakfast Club follows five teens trapped in detention on a Saturday, an who are forced to spend time with each other, and putting up with the pathetic principal of Shermer High School. As a quintessential teen movie, it uses almost all high school drama tropes: the popular girl, the weird girl, the jock, the bad boy, and the shy boy.

All five characters in this movie are endearing and manage to break the mold of their clichés, making the audience identify with each one a little bit, and root for the deep transformations each of them undergo in this story. Seriously, if you haven’t yet, you should go watch this film NOW.

But even if every character brings a special touch to the movie, the one we are concerned with today is Claire Standish – the elegantly stuck-up and self-described popular girl – played by the 80s “it girl” Molly Ringwald.

We have dreams about this pink blouse and beautiful brown skirt, and the boots! Oh my god, the boots! Marilyn Vance has spoken about dressing Claire (Ringwald) for this film, and mentioned that the character was outfitted in Ralph Lauren, and wanting to give the character an air of sophistication.

So how to replicate this iconic 80s outfit? We are here to help!

The pink blouse

We searched wide and large for a blouse that looked similar to the one Molly Ringwald wears in The Breakfast Club but we did not find a replica that we felt comfortable featuring. We did, however, find a more modern take in the form of a pink shirt from H&M that can serve many purposes as part of your wardrobe.

The skirt

From a distance, this skirt looks like a suede ankle-length item, with subtle fringe at the hem. We were lucky to find a couple of vintage Ralph Lauren pieces, from the 80s, that evoke the style and feel of the original piece, but adding a little versatility to the outfit.

The first is a suede number with an A-line cut that brings back a little informality to the look, whilst the second option, also in suede, and a tan color, offers more movement.

We also stumbled upon a few other options, like this mid-length brown linen, button-up skirt from Nicholas:

Or this pencil skirt from Manning Cartell that can even be part of an office look:

Finally, this Alberta Ferreti wool pencil skirt also adds a modern twist to the outfit, and it comes with pockets and a belt loops:

The boots

This is a marvelous element of the ensamble, one that people have been searching for since the movie first came out, and to this day, continues to make us swoon. And thanks to Etsy we found this vintage pair that would make Claire Standish proud (thank you, Etsy!):

The accessories

Perhaps the most interesting of the accessories is the belt, which brings another subtle touch to the look, but we should not forget the sparkly ring that Claire shows while flipping the finger at bad boy John Bender…

For these two final touches, we will recommend this beautiful leather belt with a gold buckle and this classy, small, labradorite ring that can go from outfit to outfit, even when you are not going for the BC vibe.

And with that, we leave as we fist-pump in the air like John Bender!

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